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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jojoba Purifying Cleansing Oil / Jojoba 精純卸妝油

★ Jojoba Purifying Cleansing Oil / Jojoba 精純卸妝油 ★ (Product Code: MOS001)

Normal Price: RM89.00
Net Weight/容量: 210ml
Probation Set Price: RM8.00
Net Weight/容量: 7ml

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建議油性肌膚搭配 momus 深海藻柔皙潔顏乳,乾性肌膚搭配氨基酸溫和潔顏乳,先輕鬆卸除肌膚妝彩髒污,再徹底清潔臉部肌膚,此刻讓肌膚真正享受到呼吸的感覺。

. 嚴選精純天然荷荷芭油為植物性基底油,質地清爽透氣不黏膩。(不含礦物油)
. 搭配高效完整乳化成份,於按摩後遇水能迅速完整乳化,輕鬆卸除妝彩,髒圬不殘留,無負擔。
. 不添加過多附屬成份
. 不傷害肌膚,以安全、完整卸除肌膚妝彩、髒污作唯一訴求的極簡約配方。

A non-greasy makeup remover provides complete, gentle makeup removal and cleansing action for face and eyes. This is 100% natural JOJOBA plant makeup remover oil and won't cause blocking to our pores and 100% purify once you rinse with water.

** Recommended to clean with Seaweed Deep Cleansing Milk (for oily skin) and Amino acid cleansing cream (for dry skin) after used Jojoba Purifying Cleansing Oil to make sure our skin is thoroughly clean.

Main features:
. Jojoba oil is carefully selected pure natural vegetable oils, non oily and sticky texture. (Excluding mineral oil).
. Easily remove any kind of cosmetics and include waterproof mascara, lipstick and etc.
. Emulsion with high-integrity components, it's 100% purified once rinse with water so it does not residue in our pores and skin.
. Do not add sub components
. Do not harm our skin, do not cause burden to our skin.



1. Takes right amount (about 1 pump) with make-up cotton, gently remove eye & lip make up (those who wear contact lenses, be sure to remove the lens in order to avoid infiltration of the eye).
2. Get a new cotton and take about 1-2 pumps to remove the make up at whole face gently. Then massage whole face with fingertips and massage gently for 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Rinse with plenty of water to make sure JOJOBA oil is 100% purified.
4. Finally, clean face with facial wash (Seaweeds Cleansing Milk or Amino acid cleansing cream).

1. 使用後若有過敏不適現象,請即刻以大量清水沖洗後停止使用,並請教專業醫生。
2. 不可吞食或置於眼睛內。
3. 因個人膚質膚況、敏度與過敏源均不同,建議欲使用者,不論您是任何膚質,請先購買少量 ( 有提供試用組產品,建議先訂購試用組),收到後先於耳際或肌膚局部測試數日,待試用正常無產生任何不適,再訂購正品為佳。

1. If feels allergic or discomfort after use, please rinse with plenty of water immediately and consult a professional doctor.
2. Can not be swallowed or placed in the eye.
3. Due to individual skin condition, it is recommended to purchase probation item to try for few days before proceed with big bottle.

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