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Testimonial Competition / 心得大方送

Testimonial Competition /  心得大方送
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Maintainence Steps 保養步驟

★ Best Way to Apply Mask 面膜療程 ★ (Product Code: MOS011)

Mask is the basic maintenance for every gal at home and the most special part about Momus mask is that we can base on our skin type to the suitable package. Currently at market, normally we use mask only for whitening and moisturizing purpose. There is no treatment mask at all which can help to adjust the oiliness of our skin and make our skin cleaner which Momus has. Then the material of momus mask is different from what we found in market too as it's using the japan high quality paper which is thin n more easy for our skin to absorb.

In the following chart, there are Group A to Group E which suitable for different skin type which listed at below:

Group A - Oily Skin Type 油性
Group B - Combination Prior Oily Skin Type 混合性偏油
Group C - Normal Skin Type 中性及混合性
Group D - Combination Prior Dry Skin Type 混合性偏乾
Group E - Dry Skin Type 乾性

If you are not sure which package should you try then please drop an email to

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