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Testimonial Competition / 心得大方送

Testimonial Competition /  心得大方送
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Testimonial from All of You!! ^^

★ Testimonial from All of You!! ^^ ★

Hi gals,

Here is the testimonial from our customers and please leave urs to share with others for the good and bad experience after you used Momus Skin Food products ya!! I'll keep adding more and more if there is any :)

Many thanks!! :)

27 Jan 10, 05:36 PM
Christina: My confidence to show people my skin is regained :)
27 Jan 10, 05:35 PM
Christina: Thank you very much for introducting the blackhead remover collagen gel to me. I've only used it for a few times and the results are amazing. It made my skin easier to apply cosmetics. My confidence to show people my skin is regained :)

30 Dec 09, 11:00 PM
iLoveChocOlate: hi, i've only tried the hydrating mask.. so far. so far so good :) i really like them since it's very hydrating and the scent is subtle and non artificial :)

27 Nov 09, 12:54 AM
Joyce: halo, i already try the collagen gel, all white heads n black heads come out n can c on the paper. This product good than before i use. So, all the best.

14 Nov 09, 09:03 PM
Nancy Chia: After using momus skin food products, i can feel that it enhances my skin and I feel more confidence. Pls support momus and enjoy it as much as i do:D

6 Nov 09, 07:02 PM
Alicia: joanne~不好意思哦~让你久等了... :p 谢谢你们的介绍哦!这两天用了momus的产品后,感觉真的很不错,尤其是Seaweed Cleansing Milk,真的很好用哦~对我们这些有化妆的人来说,真的是再好不过了,它里面的小粒粒,还能去角质/油质的功效呢~赞!而CI 機能調理液呢~我蛮喜欢它擦上去的感觉是薄荷的味道冰冰的!让我觉得还真的有控油的功效呢~不错!
而面膜呢~ 目前只用到AC.NET 溫和調理面膜,它的面膜纸还真的很特别,那么薄的一片却有那么大的功效,早上起身的时候,还真的觉得我的臉好干净呢!赞!我会support momus的产品的,等我的好消息~

27 Oct 09, 11:03 AM
sookwei: Jojoba 精純卸妝油 – 这个产品非常好用,我只有一点的分量,就可以把脸部卸的非常干净. 深海藻柔皙潔顏乳 Seaweed Cleansing Milk – 感觉洗起来还不错..喜欢它有小颗粒,因为对于油性皮肤来说..可以接此做去角质的动作.. will continue support momus product ~~

17 Oct 09, 01:58 AM
Apple: hi hi...the mask is so comfortable, nice and got effect after used!!! TUHMB UP!!!

8 Oct 09, 12:58 PM
Kumiko: many thks for introducing the collagen acne gel to's really works for me. Akthough only used for several times, the redishness of my pimples are significantly reduced, such a miracle!

5 Oct 09, 07:57 PM
Siew Theng: collagen pimples gel really nice,can reduce my pimples without scar.and the mask also nice.the feel is good!Pls support momus ya!

5 Oct 09, 01:32 PM
Amy: thx for introducing the acne collagen gel to me n it's really good. my pimples scar getting fair after use n pimples reduce a lot! :p

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