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Testimonial Competition / 心得大方送

Testimonial Competition /  心得大方送
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 March 10, 10:34 PM
Agnes Gan: Hi ya, firstly, i would like to thanks my dear frenz kim to introduce me this products, then secondly, is joanne...she do share so many skin experience to me.
The most i like is " seaweed cleansing milk", its really amazing, i could feel my skin soft, clear n no dry after i used it, n the "platinium-intensive hydrating mask" also vry helpful to me,is really suitable n works for my skin,althought only used for several times...will go throught more other products...('',)

27 Feb 10, 4:35 PM
Vicky: The momus amino cleanser is very gud, i like it! It's so clean but wont make my face dry! Very nice de product ^^

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